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Thursday, August 11, 2011


     In the western part of the district of Piuthan (Rapti Zone) on the top of Swargadwari mountain (6960 ft. or 2122 meters) lies Swargadwari, one of the most famous places of Hindu  pilgrimage. Swargadwari, one of the most famous places of Hindu pilgrimages. Swargadwari is almost 26 km. south of the district headquarters of Piuthan- Khalanga Bazaar.
     During summer thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit this place.
     As the mythology states- the holy place derived its name from a spot where ancient sages practiced penance. That is why this spot is called Swargadwari of the Gateway to Heavens and the mountain itself was, later on, known as Swargadwari peak. And the historic temple of Swargadwari stands there on the peak.
     As the hearsay goes-long ago, there was a bachelor hermit (Bal Brahamchari) Padma Giri by name, who was, with the passage of time, renowned as Swargadwari Mahaprabhu. With his continuous penance, he attained great enlightenment and did a lot pious thing to the local people. It was this Swargadwari sage who built a holy pond there and started the system of Akhand Hom (Eternal Fire) in it. In 1941, the Great sage passed away and he was buried there. Over that holy burial ground marble slabs were placed and a temple was built. A herd of several hundred cows belongs to the temple trust which manages the lodging and fooding of the visitors. On the peak of the Swargadwari mountains there is a picturesque cave where the Great Sage- Swargadwari Mahaprabhu used to meditate in the past.
     Every year fairs are held there during Baisakh's Poornima(April-May) and kartik Poornima (Oct-Nov) festivals. Pilgrims from different parts of Nepal and India pay visit there.

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