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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


        A few miles east of the main city of Kathmandu lies the most famous pagoda temple of  Pashupatinath, on the bank of the Bagmati river. It is one of the oldest temple of Nepal. As Lord pashupatinathh is the Guardian Deity of the Nepalese Hindus, thousands of devotees and visitors visit this temple to pay homage to Lord Pashupatinath every day. During Mahashivaratri holy festival , a grand religious fair is held in Pashupati area. Thousands of Hindus from different parts of Nepal and even  from India come to pay their homage to Lord Pashupatinath.
         On many religious occassions of the Hindus such as Harisayani Ekadasi (fasting day), Haribodhini Ekadasi(fasting day), Haribodhani Ekadasi(fasting day), Balachaturdasi(festival when food grains and cereals are scattered or sprayed in the Pashupati area) etc, thousands of Hindu devotees visit Pashupatinath temple to pay their homage to Lord  Shiva (Pashupati).

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