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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


     In the eastern upper part if Dolakha towhship lies the temple of Bhimeswar, which is popularly knoen as Dolakha Bhimsen temple also. The people of Dolakha regard Bhimeswar as their supreme Lord. The roofless temple houses the Shiva Linga underneath of which, it is believed, there is a holy pond. On both sides of the image of Bhimswar there are idols of Goddesses. Fairs are held there on the occasion of Bala Chaturdasi,Ram Navami, Chaitraastami, Bhima Ekasashi etc.
     In the month of Aswin-Kartik (Sept-Oct-Nov) during Durga Puja festival, goats are sacrificed there. There is a trust to run the religious worship.
     From the Kalinchowk peak near Dolkha, one can have a clear view of the Bhimsen Tower of Kathmandu during the fine weather.
     Approximately at a distance of 200 yards from the Bhimeswar temple there is another temple of Tripurasundari where devotees assemble during the festivals of Chaitrastami and Durga Puja. Only the priest of the temple is allowed to have a glimpse of the image of the Goddess.

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