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Thursday, August 11, 2011


   A few miles from the main city of Biratnagar, on the banks of the Kosi river, Barahkshetra, the holy place of Hindu piligrimage, lies at the confluence to the two rivers- Saptakoshi and the Kokaha. The famous temple of God Barah is located on the left bank of the Kosi river at a distance of 4 miles from Dharan. The two storey temple houses the image of Barah, the boar- incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Historians have traced the existence of this image from the 12th century.
     Every year in the month of October a grand holy fair is held at Barahkshetra. This fair lasts for 5 days. during this fair thousands of pilgrims from the the Nepalese Tarai and mountainous regions as well as Hindus from India visit this holy place to pay homage to God Barah, the boar incarnation. The devotees dip in the holy water at the confluence of the two rivers-the Saptakoshi and the Kokaha. They bring water from the confluence and offer to God Barah. Barahkshetra is one of the four prominent places of Hindu pilgrimage. Some 2 miles from Barahkshetra lies another temple of the white Barah. . Nearby is the monastery of Chatara.

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