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Thursday, August 11, 2011


     Bhaktapur:- the three storey temple of Bhairabnath is a beautiful pagoda which houses the image of Bhairab, the God of War. This temple presents a different style and design of pagoda type of Nepalese architecture of medieval days. Constructed during the reign of King Jagatjyotir Malla, this temple at first had only one storey. Again after a decade it was made three storied. After the great earth-quake of 1933, this temple was removated.
      This temple of  Bhairab is located at Toubal tole of Bhadgaon. The history of this temple is as old as the history of the city of Bhaktapur. It was king Anand Dev who had established this city of Bhaktapur by constructing 12,000 houses for settlement. And it was the same King who had built this temple in a bit smaller size.
     Centuries later, King Jagatijyotir Malla started the Chariot festival of Bhairab in the year 1570 A.D , including the famous festival of Bisket jatra (the festival of the Huge wooden pole called Lingo). Both these festivals occur simultaneously every year in the middles of April. As the history records the present temple is the contribution of King Jagatjyotir Malla.

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