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Friday, August 12, 2011


      This five storey temple is at Bhaktapur, 6 miles east of Kathmandu. It was dedicated to Siddhilaxmi, the Goddess of  Riches. This wonderful temple was built by King Bhupitindra Malla  of Bhadagaon in 1798. Standing on a base of five elevated stone platforms, this temple is the tallest in the city. It stood the great earth- quake of 1933 A.D. This temple was built for Goddess Laxmi. Figures of wrestlers,elephants,lions,griffins and images of deities guard the five platforms of the temple. Perceval Landon describes the temple thus:
     "In general the Nyatapola of Bhadgaon may be taken as an illustration of the usual design of Nepalese religious architecture".

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