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Thursday, August 11, 2011


     On the slope of a mountain, some 6 miles south of  Kathmandu, lies the temple of Dakshinkali, a place of pilgrimage. Historians point out that the image of Dakshinkali was set up there in the 10th Century by Vedic followers.
     Dakshinkali tops the list of holy places of pilgrimage in relation to Hindu Goddesses, which dates back to times immemorial. one image of Dakshinkali was carved in accordance to the vedic tantricism during the reign of King Jayapratap Malla with the advice of the famous tantric Lambakarna  Bhatta.
    Devotees visit this holy place specially on Saturdays and goats are sacrificed in large numbers. Apart from the religious point of view this place has also been a popular picnic spot.

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