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Thursday, August 11, 2011


     Three miles east of Kathmandu lies Boudha.  There is a famous ancient Buddhist stupa which resembles the Swayambhu stupa. As the mythology runs, it took 12 years to complete the construction of this Chaitya.
     This Buddhist Stupa, one of the highest in the  world, was constructed during the reign of King Mana Dev of the Lichhavi Period. when this chaitya was under construction there was no rainfall in the Valley of Kathmandu continuously for 12 years. And the clay had to be moistened for use in its construction. Some historians claim that this stupa is 2000 years old.
     The watchful, four pair of eyes (possibly keeping watch for peace and prosperity of humanity) as depicted in the four cardinal sides of this Chaitya, the Buddhist Prayer-wheels around its base and murmuring prayer of"Oum Mani padme hum" of Lama priests give it a look of antiquity and holiness. The chief priest (Abbot) (popularly known as the Chiniya Lama) is Mr. Punya Bajra who surprises tourists with his mysterous Yeti (Snowman) lore.

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